Snowattack 2011 Gerilla ad

The Snow Attack party skicamp is one of the country’s most famous skicamp, because besides the 4000 people, a lot of celebrities, musicians and tv-staffs attend it. In 2010 I had the honor, as a constant partner of Red Bull Kft., of making an ad for this camp.

The recordings took place on 5 universities, where a crazy snowboarder slid down the stairs of an auditorium, making a good underground campaign. My task was to record it, and transform into a fast-paced advert video.

We’ve recorded every slide with three different cameras, a camera designed for extreme sports (GoPro HD Hero) was attached to the rider, another was at a fix location facing the rider, and one was in my hand, which I used for close-ups.

Date of upload: 2010.11.25.

Customer: Red Bull Hungária Kft.