Red Bull Racing Can Trailer

The Racing Can is about to build a bodywork for an RC car only from Red Bull cans. The event for students was a great opportunity for the youths to demonstrate their creativity, from which they got an A+ grade based on this show.

This trailer was made in half stop-motion technology and live filming, which was a great challenge for the team. It was our first project, when we mixed these two techniques in one cut. So in the after works we had to merge the photographs with the recordings. We wrote the script for two days, and the filming took a whole week and the after works another three. 90% of the sound effects during the video were mixed to the video later, and the staff wrote and recorded them just for this video. 


Photos taken during the filming can be seen here.


Script: Papp Gergely & Papp Zoltán

Director: Papp Gergely & Papp Zoltán

Assistant: Irsai Hortenzia

Models: Korányi Bálint

Animator: Irsai Hortenzia & Korányi Bálint

Editing, Sound and Visual FX: Papp Zoltán

Music: Bojkovszky Zsolt, Gábriel Sándor & Nagy Zsolt

Date of upload: 2011.04.27.

Customer: Red Bull Hungária Kft.