Veszprém Zenemelet by Red Bull

One of Red Bull’s main target group is the student age group. So from time to time, they come with an event for them to attend.
The main idea of the “Zenemelet” is to make a mini concert each floor in the dormitory until midnight, to tune the students to the night’s party. It’s a perfect relaxation before the approaching exam period.

The opening concept, looking like security cameras scanning the area, was born long ago, but I haven’t found the fitting video to use it. However here it was the perfect time, because of the contrast of the empty corridors, and the pictures of the party shot from the same place. The only challenge was the merging of the images in order to hide the time difference between the shots.

The alert viewer might notice, that when the camera exits the security camera, the image waves, as if we were going through a lens. Because we mind details. :D

Date of upload: 2010.11.12.

Customer: Red Bull Hungária Kft.