Snowattack 2010 - Promotional Event

The Snow Attack Party Skicamp, organized by Meex, was promoted to the university students of Szeged. By that time, there were around 500 places in the 4000 head camp.

The head organizer was the Party Skicamps support partner, the RedBull Hungária Kft. The promo was about taking there two giant pile of snow, from which the three riders and some builders made a runway. They got a slide on the stairs, and a winch to pull them for the slide. The promo in front of the the KIT building of the University of Szeged was quite successful, and a lot of people saw it.

The animation in the cut seen from 1:05 was my first After Effects project, which didn’t need a serious lookup, apart from only a 20-25 minute tutorial, I made it all alone.

Date of upload: 2009.12.03.

Customer: Red Bull Hungária Kft.