New camera on board

I've been thinking about a reflex camere for a time, beacuse the new ones record beautiful fullHD videos, and with a unique scenery.

I’ve been thinking for a long time which type to buy, because Canon is the king of the category, but the family is sided with Nikon a long time ago.  It wouldn’t had been a problem to break this heritage, but our full optic set was for Nikon cameras. At the beginning of the year the salvation came and Nikon came out with its new series with „talented” enough machines. Among them was the D5100, and at the end of summer I decided that it would worth the investment as a second camera.

It was a good choice. Working with it is like a dream! Beautiful images with wonderful depth and with my Opteka camera stabilizator hold in hand it’s like a video camera. At FS Hungary I put it to work, and it performed as excepted. The video is coming out approximately middle of September, and you can watch what the Nikon D5100 is capable of. 


You can view the larger images here.